Ralph Lauren is accused of plagiarizing the design ideas of a famous Malaysian fashion designer

Ralph Lauren is accused of plagiarizing the design ideas of a famous Malaysian fashion designer

THE ISSUE of plagiarism is not a new one, and it can happen even on the international stage.

This time, the leading fashion brand Ralph Lauren was also embroiled in the controversy after being accused of imitating the designs of Malaysian fashion designer, Datuk Zang Toi.

The incident is believed to have taken place after Hollywood singer Alicia Keys styled a dress featuring a New York skyscraper design at the glittering Met Gala event recently.

The move sparked a debate among netizens who were on average dissatisfied with Ralph Lauren’s actions tearing up the idea of ​​the country’s iconic fashion designer.

It is understood that Zang Toi, 60, who is from Kelantan, made his debut in a black-and-white robe with a New York city design in the Spring collection in 2009.

The dress was then styled by Malaysian model Tan Mang Ling at the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards.

Commenting on the matter, Zang Toi as reported by The Post described the idea of ​​producing the robe as inspired by his love for his adopted city, New York City.

“I decided to remove the iconic, New York robe from my collection – a timeless beauty that has never been outdated to pay homage to my favorite city at the fashion show‘ New York, New York 2020, ’” he said, citing the report.

Meanwhile, Zang Toi, who also designs clothes for Hollywood stars and celebrities such as Farrah Fawcett, expressed his happiness because his designs are now getting the public’s attention.

However, he admits it is not the first incident where the results of his career have been imitated by other designers.

“For a big brand like Ralph Lauren to imitate the design of a designer from a small town in Malaysia is a form of flattery. It is proof that if you are good, others will imitate you, ”Zang Toi was quoted as saying by The Star.

source – Astro Awani


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