Raifili organized a campaign of one million free batik for civil servants

Raifili organized a campaign of one million free batik for civil servants

ALOR SETAR: The local modern batik manufacturing company Raifili provides one million free batiks to civil servants, through the ‘1 Million Free Batiks for Civil Servants’ campaign which was officially launched on Friday.

Chief Secretary Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali said the effort can encourage the use of Malaysian Batik among civil servants to style the uniqueness and beauty of batik in daily life, which is not limited to official clothes for occasions and work only.

“The demand for batik is so high among civil servants, civil servants are required to wear batik every Thursday in order to dignify the use of Malaysian batik.

“Heads of departments can also publicize the campaign implemented by Raifili, to promote and encourage the use of Malaysian Batik,” he said when launching the campaign here on Friday, in conjunction with the Kedah State Family Aspiration Tour (AKM) which lasted for three days. starting Friday.

Raifili’s founder, Siti Fitriyah Harun said through the campaign, the company supports the wishes and efforts of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who declared Dec 3 every year as Malaysian Batik Day to encourage Malaysian families to wear Malaysian Batik clothing.

“Raifili wants to share the joy with civil servants and hopes that this campaign can make Raifili’s Exclusive Batik, which is inspired by Malaysian Modern Batik, as the main fashion choice of civil servants.

“Since the internal launch of the campaign was made in March this year, more than 300,000 civil servants have received this free batik, and many have praised Raifili’s Exclusive Batik material, which is soft, beautiful, comfortable to wear, the color does not fade, it does not wrinkle easily and it is easy to rub,” she said.

She said there are almost 700,000 pieces of free batik fabric left that can be redeemed, civil servants who have not redeemed and received free batik can make a redemption through the link www.1jutabatikpercuma.raifili.com or contact authorized Raifili distributors throughout Malaysia.

A total of 1,000 pieces of batik were offered to be redeemed by civil servants who visited the State AKM Tour of Kedah yesterday.

source – BERNAMA


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