Raffa Affar ruined the Tiara song? Angry or not, that’s a personal opinion – M Nasir

Raffa Affar ruined the Tiara song? Angry or not, that’s a personal opinion – M Nasir

IPOH: “That’s a personal opinion (netizen criticism) … you want to be angry or not, but it’s been happening in the industry for a long time.”

That is the comment from the famous singer and composer, Datuk M Nasir regarding the issue of the Tiara song which was re -edited and sung by the singer from Indonesia, Raffa Affar, which received great criticism from netizens.

M Nasir, who is also the full creator of the song, insisted that he did not view the matter from a negative angle.

“There is no problem (re-singing the songs of Malaysian singers), because we (Malaysian singers) also do that.

“The current trend, the age of social media is a little different in its acceptance and other ear candy,” he said, who is popular through songs such as Mustika , Keroncong Untuk Ana and Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud .

He said this at a press conference after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between MBI and MACP, at the MBI Building, here on Tuesday.

Asked whether the change in the arrangement of the song’s music to some extent damaged the song, M Nasir had his own opinion.

“That’s yes, a little bit (spoil the song) but it’s still going to happen, we can’t control that.

“If we want to do something (to control) it is possible but I think in the current situation it is not necessary,” he added.

Earlier, the media reported that the re-singing of an ever-fresh rock ballad, Tiara, the original song of the 1980s-era group, Kris is now a fan debate on social media.

All that follows the way a popular singer from Indonesia, Raffa Affar, is said to have damaged the melody and originality of the song.

Through a video clip from the other side that is contagious at this time, watching the singer who once created a phenomenon with a contagious song, Cinta Sampai Mati sang the song Tiara again in a live entertainment program.

The public, especially fans from Malaysia, consider the young singer unfit to sing the ‘legendary’ song created by Datuk M Nasir again.

source – Aida Aziz


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