Radja group received death threats after a concert in Larkin

Radja group received death threats after a concert in Larkin

LARKIN: The famous Indonesian music group, Radja Band, expressed their disappointment after receiving death threats after finishing a concert at the Larkin Arena Indoor Stadium, Johor Bahru.

The incident of commotion which happened at around 11.15pm on Saturday was said to have been caused by a misunderstanding between the organizers and the band.

It is understood that the group was approached by two men representing the organizers before abusive words and death threats were thrown.

According to the vocalist, Ian Kasela, his party was not informed about the ‘ Meet And Greet ‘ session with fans and several other activities that were outside the discussion.

“We were insulted with abusive words, the individual threatened to kill us if we were still around Malaysia.

“We are a bit disappointed because we did our best for this concert and we didn’t plan to take pictures with fans during the concert.

“The situation became panic because we came to Malaysia, some people brought children with them, but the parties involved seemed not to care about the situation,” he said on Sunday.

According to him, his party does not have any problems and is even ready to give the best commitment to the organizers.

At the same time, Ian also informed about the photo session with the minister and the embassy, ​​however their waiting in the waiting room was not attended by any of the intended individuals.

In fact, the individual is said to continue to act aggressively and provoke by kicking the table.

The panic-inducing situation also made the band reconsider coming to Malaysia, which was scheduled after Ramadan.

“According to the plan, we will return to Kuala Lumpur after Ramadan but after what happened we are worried not to mention receiving death threats.

We are disappointed with the organizers and this death threat is a serious matter even though we have given our best commitment,” he added.

For now, he has also made a report at Larkin Police Station and is heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to return to Indonesia.

The Radja Majestic Johor concert on March 11 was the first time it was held in the state.


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