Quiet in the city: BookXcess The Rooftop opens at The Gardens Mall

Quiet in the city: BookXcess The Rooftop opens at The Gardens Mall

The bookstore chain’s newest location has a unique layout and location

Located on the roof of The Gardens Mall, the newest outpost of the BookXcess can be a sunny respite from the city.

WITH its two newest outlets, value bookstore chain BookXcess expanded into Cheras at MyTown and at the historic RexKL in the heart of KL, with a focus on unique layouts and Instagram-ready aesthetics. However, those locations could be too sprawling for their own good.

Divided into two sections, the children’s wing of the bookstore has plenty of titles and spaces aimed towards the younger set. – Haikal Fernandez pic

For its latest spot, BookXcess chose the picturesque rooftop (level 6) of the centrally located The Gardens Mall. Split into two pavilions – one a children’s wing, while the other has a restaurant/event space, in addition to all the sections you can expect that are aimed at adults.

Snapshots of the kid’s section of the bookstore. – Haikal Fernandez pic

With its layers of bookshelves (some stretching from floor to ceiling), ramps, and walkways, each wing is built for exploration – a common trait for BookXcess locations. Though, in comparison to the other bookstores, it is easier to navigate.

As always, the books are priced at a value you won’t see at other bookstore chains.

BookXcess founder Andrew Yap. – Haikal Fernandez pic

“Building a bookstore on a rooftop in a garden is a little bit challenging, but this will take us to another level where we are always evolving,” said Andrew Yap, founder of BookXcess.

“This space will be more of an event space that can host parties at night. This is us trying to be different and make a different twist.”

The water fountain in between the two wings is a nice change of pace. – Haikal Fernandez pic

In between is a pleasing water fountain and a park-type area to rest, with scenic views of the surrounding area, a place to relax amidst the chaos of the big city. It’s almost a relief when you get up there, after the commute and going through the mall.

Despite the relatively confined space, compared to BookXcess’ other flagship stores, there’s plenty of shelf space and verticality in the layout of this location. – Haikal Fernandez pic

BookXcess has always been focused on picking the right locations for its major outlets.

The Gardens Mall fits that, being a large shopping complex housing many premium brands, as well as being next to the even larger Mid Valley Megamall – one of the busiest shopping complexes in the Klang Valley.

For those uninterested in navigating the traffic-rich roadways, there is the Abdullah Hukum LRT station right next to the mall.

So take a break from the hustle and bustle and check out some books at BookXcess The Rooftop, The Gardens Mall, or just enjoy the fresh air in this one spot of relative quiet in the big city.

BY Haikal Fernandez

source – The Vibes


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