Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: Security alert to anti-monarchy sentiment

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: Security alert to anti-monarchy sentiment

KUALA LUMPUR: The security aspect is an important matter that needs to be emphasized in the funeral ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II, on Monday.

Professor of the Faculty of Defense Studies and Management, Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia (UPNM), Prof Mizan Aslan said, the sentiment of rejection of the monarchy is a challenge in trying to balance the security and prestige aspects of the ceremony.

“We must remember that the sentiment is not happy with the royal institution, especially after the Brexit agenda and the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, there is already a sentiment rejecting the monarchy, there are already extremist elements entering the society, inciting to hate the monarchy.

“Since then, the London police have made thorough preparations as we can see, arrests have been made involving groups that oppose and cause commotion.

“What is worried is if the manifestation of hatred will be translated into threats or actions such as stabbing or using a vehicle to crash into people, and maybe even go as far as bombing,” he said when he appeared on the Fokus Week Depan program on Sunday.

He explained again, even though the sentiment of sadness dominates the London community at the moment, the fact is, extremism does not require the involvement of many, rather just one person who does it is enough to cause a commotion.

“I can say at this point, which sentiment is more dominant is somewhat subjective. This is because there are two different groups and even the rejection sentiment has also extended to Commonwealth countries and the third world.

“In addition to the sad atmosphere, it creates a confusing situation for the people in London but the average people are more inclined towards sadness.

“However, the sentiment of rejection cannot be denied and in the aspect of extremism, it is enough for just one person to do it, it can cause a commotion so this is what the security department needs to pay attention to,” he said.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place on Monday at Westminster Abbey.

It will be one of the largest gatherings organized in the city in decades.

More than 500 leaders and royals from around the world are expected to attend.

source – Madiha Abdullah


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