Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: ‘busking’ ban makes street musicians complain

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: ‘busking’ ban makes street musicians complain

LONDON: Street musicians around the city of London are now struggling to make ends meet after being banned from playing music until after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

London’s underground tunnels will also be closed until September 19 and musicians will be banned from performing for 10 days.

All forms of entertainment including nightclubs and major football matches have been canceled as the country mourns.

But with the cost of living rising, musicians who have just recovered from the effects of the lockdown during COVID-19, fear they will lose more income.

David Fisher, co-director of Keep Streets Live, a group that protects the right to use public spaces for street performers, fears the ban will make the situation worse.

“While we understand that many people will want to mourn and pay their respects, this should not stop street musicians from doing their job.

“It’s hard to believe that the Royal Family, who have supported all kinds of arts-focused charities over the years, approved the ban,” he said.

So far, almost 40 locations which include 25 Metro stations, are closed until September 19, which is the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

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