Pre-order the best-selling Sitism album

Pre-order the best-selling Sitism album

Fans of the Malaysia’s number one singer, Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza can get the physical album Sitism which started opening for the pre-order session starting yesterday.

Through an announcement on the official Instagram, Siti Nurhaliza informed that this pre-booking session will be held for one week only, starting from 18 to 25 August.

It is understood that physical album prints are very limited to the first 1,000 customers who also have a chance to get a Sitism poster.

At the same time, fans shared on social media when many had already made orders for Sitism’s album to the extent that 1000 units were sold in just six hours.

“Albums will be posted to customers after September 12. For customers from abroad, booking and payment methods will be included,” he said.

Reaching the comment section, the average fan can’t wait to get the album including from Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

The songs included in Sitism’s album are Romansa Kita, Menapa Dunia, Ganti, Sehebat Matahari, Kalau Berkasih, Magis, Tanpa Diri Mu, Teratas, Menjaga Cintamu, Senyawa, Nadi dan Kusedari.

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