‘Pray for me…’ Radin Era positive for COVID-19

‘Pray for me…’ Radin Era positive for COVID-19

IF the date of February 22, 2022 (22.02.2022) is considered beautiful and special to create sweet memories for most people, the situation is different with Era radio presenter, Radin who tested positive for COVID-19.

Through a share on his Instagram page, Radin or his full name Amir Affendi Ahmad Aruani, 32, said, he decided to do a COVID-19 screening test at the clinic when he felt good after suffering from a sore throat.

“Date 22.2.22, today other people are excited . There are those who get married, side by side, celebrate birthdays, and even many celebrity friends who cuddle like Ernie Zakri, Syamel and Kaka Azraff. Happy for you !!

“But today too, was a predictable date for me after being confirmed positive for COVID-19, when I finished the RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) test at the Zahran Megaclinic Group this afternoon (Tuesday).

“My only symptoms are a sore throat when I wake up, then continue to do a saliva test, but the result is negative. The liver is not good, I want to do a swab test and the result is positive. Now, the new body wants to feel a little nauseous, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Radin also asked those who were in close contact with him to immediately undergo the COVID-19 screening test.

“I apologize to the individuals who have been in close contact with me. For work, can contact the management @era.je or my manager. Pray for me, ”he said.

Earlier, several celebrities were also confirmed positive for COVID-19 including Achey, Tomok, Fizie Molek FM, Wawa Zainal, Nadya Syahera, Datuk Fizz Fairuz, Datin Elvina, Azira Syafinaz, Datuk Afdlin Shauki and many more.

-Sinar Harian

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