Pop Country Siren and Songwriter Julie Eddy Releases Nostalgic Powerhouse Single, ‘Denim,’

Pop Country Siren and Songwriter Julie Eddy Releases Nostalgic Powerhouse Single, ‘Denim,’

‘It’s what I reach for when I’m any shade of blue…’

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vocal artist and songwriter Julie Eddy announced the release of her debut single off of her upcoming EP, “Southbound.” Featuring the smash single, “Denim,” Eddy’s new collection is a shining example of rich lyric poetry mixed with the sweet nostalgia, smooth guitar, and heartbreaking vocals that first marked her as a professional musician. Working in conjunction with American record production and songwriting duo, Tommy Hubbard and Richie Zahniser from The Trust, along with Gregg Cash, “Southbound” is a compelling reason why Julie Eddy is poised to become Nashville’s next great breakout star. The EP is available via iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

“Julie is a once in a lifetime artist that comes to the table with the full understanding of the business she’s in,” said music manager, Jason Edmonds. “She has the ability to create content and pertinent digital assets, has a work ethic like no other, and years of experience on stage. She’s a marketer’s dream!”

Southbound: “It moves with me, fits my body like – ooh, the way it breathes…”

“I’ve had so much fun putting my first collection together, but it’s also a major milestone in my career,” said Julie Eddy. “It’s a blend of hard work and everything I love about music: the layers that go into the songwriting, the vocals, the harmonizing, guitar, instrumentals, all of it – merging together in a musical tapestry. And there’s so much of me here: my hopes, my dreams, everything I ever believed was possible for my life. Dress it up, dress it down – it’s me…”

“Southbound” tracks include:

On My Way to You
Johnnie Walker Blues
One of the Girls
A Rock & A Heartbreak
Roll With Us
Southbound: Upcoming Show Dates

June 30, Nashville: Whiskey Jam at Winner’s Bar & Grill
July 19, Nashville: Live & Acoustic at 3rd & Lindsley
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About Julie Eddy
Singer, songwriter, musician, and burgeoning Nashville legend, Julie Eddy is an absolute force of nature – whipping up a frenzy of excitement and musical joy wherever she performs. In the local Nashville scene, Julie is already well known as a stellar guitar player, blending sweet chords with her smooth and consistent vocals, compelling and show-stopping lyrics, and a stage presence that leaves fans wanting more. She’s known to get people out of their seats and sometimes on tabletops, dancing and singing to both her original and covered material. Striking looks, compelling image, songwriting poetry, and her powerful on-stage persona creates an unmatched presence that has always set Julie apart from the crowd.

Nominated for New Artist of the Year in the Midwest CMA awards in 2022, Eddy is a writer and musical creator on Rachel LaRen’s new EP, “Cowboys Don’t Change” and a writer/collaborator on Corey Wise’s much anticipated single “All I Need.” Eddy has released multiple singles under her own label, “Shade of Blue,” managed by famed entertainment insider, Jason Edmonds. “Denim” is Eddy’s latest single. Learn more about her work at: www.JulieEddy.com.

Media Contact:
Jason Edmonds
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