PolyBrute Touches Down

PolyBrute Touches Down

Since its announcement in September 2020, PolyBrute has seen an enormous response from the synth community. You’ve seen it in the hands of reviewers and artists, and now it’s your turn – the first PolyBrute orders are now shipping worldwide.

PolyBrute Connect

PolyBrute comes with an advanced software companion that lets you control its sound in real-time from your Mac or PC. Construct patches, go deeper with morphing tweaks, use multiple instances for sonic flexibility – within your DAW or standalone.

Craft sounds

Explore the depths of PolyBrute’s advanced features with a like-for-like virtual interface.

Manage your patches

Organise your favourite sounds, and easily import new presets & sound banks.

Control in real-time

Every parameter change, either on synth or software, is mirrored by the other.


Hear Polybrute in action

Want to see PolyBrute’s unique abilities truly laid bare? Benn Jordan, aka The Flashbulb, takes us on a mind-altering audiovisual journey into the most extreme depths of our morphing polysynth’s creative potential. This isn’t a demo; this is 18+ minutes of pure inspiration.


On February 16th at 6PM CET, Arturia will also host a livestream with the engineers behind PolyBrute. Hear their favorite patches, get inspired with sound design tips, and go in-depth with the free PolyBrute Connect software.



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