PleasureMore Drops New Single “Stop Teasing Me”

PleasureMore Drops New Single “Stop Teasing Me”

CINCINNATI, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the commercial success of his song “I Can’t Tell Ya” which was released earlier this year March 2022; this single currently has over 2.67M streams worldwide and 1.36M in the US on the SoundCloud platform. PleasureMore is back with his latest “Stop Teasing Me.” The smooth irresistible vocals and sensitive feelings with expressing an emotional connection is breathless. All relationships have their own peaks and valleys; working through good times and certain hardships helps build and strengthens character. Being teased and satisfied at the same time and getting back in stride with the one you love and care about is the message behind this song. In collaboration with songwriter and record producer Arsdale Harris III; this urban adult contemporary vibe is a dance stepper to get you up and on the dance floor.

As PleasureMore continues to build his fan base and brand; he is staying true to his commitment with an old school R&B sound. The demographics of appealing to a younger audience between the ages of 28-34 years old is evident that his craft and style is sweet listening to the ears, and that delightful good music is ageless. This track is one that has a mellow up-tempo to get you in the groove.

With his debut cover single “Break Up to Make Up,” which was released in December 2020 he has been consistent with producing quality music for music lovers to enjoy. He truly is an established recording artist with the ability to reach the masses. Don’t sleep on this new single; “Stop Teasing Me” its fresh out of the lab and ready for you to get your stepping on.

PleasureMore; a veteran recording artist, singer, musician, songwriter, producer and entertainer. Discovered by the late great Ohio Players bassist Marshall Jones. Lead singer and drummer for the group New Horizons; produced by the late Roger Troutman. His music is available on most music apps and at your favorite music app stores including but not limited to: Apple, ITunes, and Amazon to name a few.

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