“Please bring back my cat” – Kila Fairy

“Please bring back my cat” – Kila Fairy

The Kila Fairy actress is offering a reward of RM2,000 to anyone who finds her cat that has been missing since February 27 around Subang Jaya.

Through a poster uploaded on Instagram, Kila or real name Syakila Nisa Jahangir Khan, 30, informed that her missing pet cat was 10 years old and was named Kovu.

“To whoever took my child (cat), please return him back. If you want a gray cat, I can give you one but please give me back my Kovu.

“Please look around, neighbor’s cat. Kovu has been missing since February 27, around 9 am,” she said.

It is understood that the cat is a hybrid breed of British Shorthair and R. Blue.

On the same poster, the daughter of veteran singer Rohana Jalil also left a phone number to contact if the public finds her cat.


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