Plan to use the microphone of the late Sarah, Misha Omar cancel because of fear …

Plan to use the microphone of the late Sarah, Misha Omar cancel because of fear …

Misha Omar’s performance through the Tribute segment for the late Siti Sarah in the MeleTOP 2021 awards is still being talked about.

Among the things that became the talk of their fans was about the effectiveness of Misha singing Sarah’s song titled Bersamamu with full syahdu and appreciation.

In addition to getting praise among fans, Sarah’s husband, Shuib also admitted to being very touched and thankful for Misha’s singing dedication that night.

In addition to revealing conversations they had talked about a while ago, including about the death on his Instagram, Misha said that she originally wanted to use her good friend’s microphone to sing as a tribute to Sarah.

“Actually, following the original plan, I wanted to sing in the tribute segment using Sarah’s microphone.

“I want to bring something that reminds us all closer about Allahyarham, not only through his song, but the instrument that belongs to him, which is the microphone,” Misha revealed.

But the plans and intentions were erased because the singer of that caliber was worried if she failed to control his feelings on stage.

“But I canceled my intention to sing using Sarah’s microphone because I was worried that I would not be able to control my feelings and cried on stage.

“Too many memories of me and Sarah, including the story behind our microphones,” she said.

Despite canceling the desire to sing using the microphone of the singer who returned to the eternal state about 10 months ago, Misha informed that in order to bring with her the ‘spirit’ on stage, she slept with Sarah’s song.

“So when I got the task of bringing Sarah’s song in the tribute segment, I slept with Allahyarham’s song almost every night.

“I want to have Sarah’s ‘spirit’ in my singing temple. And I am thankful because Shuib realizes that there is Sarah’s ‘voice’ in my singing, “she said.

Earlier, apart from Misha, another great singer, Aina Abdul, was also given the opportunity to sing Sarah’s hit, Ke Hujung Dunia in the tribute segment held on the glorious night of the MeleTOP awards, last weekend.

source – Gempak

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