Pink Floyd produced a song to raise funds for Ukraine

Pink Floyd produced a song to raise funds for Ukraine

LONDON: British rock group Pink Floyd released their latest song after nearly three decades to raise donations for the people of Ukraine.

‘Hey Hey Rise Up’ features a Pink Floyd combination of David Gilmour and Nick Mason, alongside Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the group Boombox.

The song featured Khlyvnyuk singing a Ukrainian patriotic song from a clip he recorded in front of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev that caught on social media.

Gilmour said the video impressed him so much that he felt like putting it in a song.

Pink Floyd managed to contact Khlyvnyuk for permission while the singer was being treated in hospital following mortar fragment injuries.

After the Russian invasion, Khlyvnyuk, who was then in the United States, had returned to Ukraine to join the regional defense unit.

Proceeds from the sale of the song will be channeled to Ukrainian humanitarian aid funds.

source – Astro Awani

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