Photography enthusiasts are invited to participate in the Warisan Sibu 2022 photography competition

Photography enthusiasts are invited to participate in the Warisan Sibu 2022 photography competition

SIBU: Photography enthusiasts nationwide are invited to participate in the Sibu Heritage Photography Competition 2022 which was launched by Sarawak Tourism, Creative Industries and Performing Arts Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah on Friday.

The competition organized by the Photographic Society of Sibu in collaboration with the ministry offers a prize of RM3,000 for the champion, RM1,500 for the second place winner and RM1,000 for the third place.

The association’s president Peter Lee Pui Wen said RM200 will be given as consolation to the 10 selected participants.

“Participants can use any type of imaging technology such as DSLR, mirrorless camera (MILC), smart phone or drone as long as the photo is taken in Sibu from 2018 to October this year,” he said and added that the deadline for submission is 9 October.

Divided into three categories – Landscape, ‘People’ and Food, the main objective of the contest is to encourage people to explore Sibu and take pictures of Sibu’s heritage, while sharing their experiences visually.

“There is no doubt that Sibu city and its surroundings offer many photographic opportunities in terms of heritage buildings, monuments and historical sites.

“This open photography competition aims to inspire the creation and dissemination of images of heritage, art and culture, tell colorful stories of the past, and also the conservation of Sibu’s wealth in art, culture and heritage and its people,” said Abdul Karim.

He further promised that his party will upgrade the competition to a larger scale offering greater prizes to attract the participation of photography enthusiasts from all over the world in the future, if the contest receives a good response from all Malaysians.

Abdul Karim also praised the association’s initiative to promote Sibu as a tourist destination through competitions.

Photography enthusiasts can visit the contest website at for more information or to submit their entries.

source – BERNAMA

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