Photo of the Week: A night at the circus – Alif Omar

Photo of the Week: A night at the circus – Alif Omar

Our Vibes photographer explains how he captured a high flying performer in the act

ON June 4, I paid a visit to the Great British Circus that was being held at Bukit Jalil.

Among the many exciting events and performances was a dazzling display by an acrobatic performer high above.

To get this shot, a few photography techniques were needed such as using multiple exposures with 9 frames per second, and to capture the performer in the act, I had to wait for her to make another turn of her aerial hoop act to get just the right shot.

It took about five times to get the best shot possible as it is highly dependent on clicking the shutter at the right time. It’s something that takes practice and a bit of luck.

I’m extremely happy and excited with the end result as this is not an easy opportunity to get this particular shot, let alone getting to shoot circus performances that have a lot of dynamic movement to them.

source – The Vibes

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