Pharrell Williams to open luxury resort in Bahamas known as ‘Somewhere Else’

Pharrell Williams to open luxury resort in Bahamas known as ‘Somewhere Else’

US -born international singer Pharell Williams is set to open a resort known as ‘Somewhere Else’ in the Bahamas.

The project in collaboration with businessman David Grutman in the beautiful archipelago is expected to be fully completed and officially opened in January 2024.

According to a CNN report, the luxury resort will have 400 rooms and suites, in addition to being equipped with restaurant and bar facilities.

In line with its identity as a singer and lyricist, the resort, among others, will feature a special bungalow that will be used as a recording studio.

“The concept of this resort is modern tropical, with a contemporary twist.

“We often talk about tropical aesthetic features, here we will take you back to another time. We bring those future features here,” he said in an interview with Grutman.

He said, he will also collaborate with Shawn Sullivan in interior design by featuring special art features at the resort.

“The‘ pink flamingo ’colored building will be the main focus of this existing resort known as The Beach.

“The Beach was the first hotel built in Atlantis, Bahamas by Morris Lapidus.

“We will try to get away from heavy architectural concepts and open up more space to the ocean landscape as well as natural elements,” added the 13 Grammy winner.

Grutman is a business mogul who owns several leading restaurant, bar and hotel brands in Miami, USA.

Among them, Swan restaurant, Williams and Groot Hospitality and The Goodtime hotel.

-Astro Awani

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