People are lining up to buy Prince Harry’s books

People are lining up to buy Prince Harry’s books

LONDON: Fans are willing to queue as early as midnight to get the Duke of Sussex’s autobiography as soon as the book is on the market.

Shops across the country opened at 12 midnight on Tuesday for the official launch of Prince Harry’s controversial memoir ‘Spare’, which was sold out early by some bookshops in Spain last week.

Several people were seen queuing outside WH Smith in London’s Victoria station to be among the first to buy the book which is said to reveal much about the private life of Prince Harry’s family, the German Press Agency (dpa) reported.

Chair of the Education Excellence Charity from Epping, Essex Professor Chris Imafidon was one of the first to grab three books saying he wanted to get the real story “from the original source”.

Imafidon told PA News Agency that he had been at the Victoria station since 9.30pm.

He wants to know why Harry left the royal institution and hopes the book is the work of Prince Harry and not a third party.

“I really want to know why the prince left the country he loved…,” she said.

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