Pelakon “Squid Game” raih trofi Golden Globes: “Tak perlu jutaan followers” – Ogy

Pelakon “Squid Game” raih trofi Golden Globes: “Tak perlu jutaan followers” – Ogy

EARLY this week saw history made in Hollywood when South Korean-born actor Oh Young Soo received the Best Supporting Actor award at the 79th Golden Globes awards ceremony.

Young Soo received the recognition after successfully stealing the hearts of the jury through his character Oh Il Nam in his popular drama series, Squid Game which aired on Netflix.

The 78-year-old actor beat out closest competitors such as Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass through the series The Morning Show ; Kieran Culkin ( Succession ) and Brett Goldstein ( Ted Lasso ).

Young Soo’s success was not only celebrated by fans in South Korea, but the pride was also shared by Squid Game viewers around the world.

A very talented actress, Fauziah Ahmad Daud is no exception.

Through her Instagram account, Fauziah or more affectionately known as Ogy is also seen praising Young Soo’s credibility through her victory.

“This is a great actor, continues to win the Best Supporting Actor Award Golden Globe 2022. No need for millions of followers.

“The quality of acting and understanding of the characters captivated the Hollywood judges, awarding Oh Young Soo, the actor of the drama series Squid Game .

“He did not even receive the call ‘otai’. But he is respected as a senior actor who is valued for his talent, experience, knowledge, “said Ogy.

Through the comments section, it seems there are still a handful who call experienced actors by the otai call. Yet, once again, Ogy insists on not continuing to use the word to refer to more senior artists.

“Do you like to call senior actors ‘otai’? The word is not in the dictionary. Can’t just mention senior actors. It’s not difficult, is it, “he said.

Throughout his career, Ogy has received several recognition from the Malaysian Film Festival. Among them are the Best Actress of Hope through the film Ceritaku Ceritamu , Best Actress ( Ali Setan ) and Puteri as well as Best Supporting Actress (Langit Cinta).


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