Pearl Celebrates 75 Years with Limited Edition President Series Phenolic drums

Pearl Celebrates 75 Years with Limited Edition President Series Phenolic drums

Few “vintage” drum sets have the rare presence of Pearl’s original pro percussion instruments, the President Series. A timeless classic from their 75-year history, President Series was the first professional drum set to carry the Pearl name and utilise the unique benefits of hermetically pressurised Phenolic shells.

“The first thing that drew me to Pearl was that they were always innovating, always looking for new materials and new sounds,” states KISS drummer (and Vintage Pearl expert) Eric Singer. “I’ve scoured the world collecting and restoring President Phenolic drums because there is no other drum material that sounds like them.”

In celebration of Pearl’s history of quality and craftsmanship, President Series Phenolic shells make a triumphant return in a Limited Edition, 75th Anniversary drum set. Exuding pristine vintage style with focused updated function, President Series Phenolic drums feature the tonal articulation and feel of the original with a modern classic retool.

Its one-of-a-kind note clarity is apparent from the first strike, and appointments like our original “Battleship” lug and individually adjustable tone mufflers add to its old school swagger. The elegance of Pearl’s original script badge, classic bass drum logo, and the timeless prestige of Pearl White Oyster covered finish give President Series Phenolic drums an identity that’s true to their legacy.

Limited to 100 worldwide, each President Series Phenolic drum kit comes standard with a 75th Anniversary Edition 14 “x5.5” snare drum, Remo USA Heads, bass drum shell-mounted cymbal holder, and adjustable “Gullwing” style bass drum spurs. Finally, true to the drum sets of the era, each drum comes factory direct in its own Pearl/Nomad case.

President Series Phenolic 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Edition Drum Set
22″ x14″ Bass, 16″ x16″ Floor, 13″ x9″ Tom, (PSP924XP/C452)
SSP € 2,689
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Pearl Music Europe BV is a division of Pearl Musical Instruments, a worldwide leading manufacturer of acoustic and electronic drums, concert and marching percussion instruments, hand percussion, and flutes. Pearl Music Europe BV is based in Belfeld, The Netherlands.


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