Paukes became a favorite of the local community

Paukes became a favorite of the local community

Paukes cake is one of the cakes that has a place in the hearts of the local community. But many people do not know that kuih is a traditional food from Indonesia. In other countries, it is known as kuih pukis and is commonly found in markets around the country. It is usually made into a dish to be enjoyed at breakfast or in the evening.

In Malaysia, one of the well-known pukis business is Apam Sri Paukes ABA Eee located in Jalan Chowkit, Kuala Lumpur. It has been run by Roslindawati Mohamad , 41, with her cousin for the past two years.

“This cake is loved by many because of the sweetness in the cake. It is a combination of Indonesian flavors. I also got this recipe from my late uncle and husband who both used to sell this cake.

“The special sweetness of this cake only depends on the mixture of flavors such as vanilla, pandan, chocolate and corn,” she said, explaining that the cake has no core.

She said, many of his customers are confused between how to make kuih paukes and apam balik because the cooking method for both is the same.

“The process of cooking this cake is more or less the same as apam balik and it only uses ingredients such as flour, eggs, margarine, soda and cooking oil.

“Flour that has been mixed with flavoring is poured into the mold and then chocolate flavoring is added as a decoration and then left for five minutes. Make sure the fire is not too big but it needs to be constantly monitored so it doesn’t burn.

“If the color of the cake has changed to brown and the taste is soft, it means that the cake is fully cooked,” she said. The cake is sold at a price of RM0.50 per piece.

She said again, this cake does not go stale but lasts for three to four days and the taste is still soft even after being steamed again.

“Customers can choose whichever flavor they like, but the most popular flavors are pandan and corn,” she explained.


STARTING with a video that was spread by one of his customers on TikTok, Kuih Apam Sri Paukes ABA Eee continued to receive the public’s response until the 25 kilograms of flour he brought every day sold out.

” Thank God, thanks to the virality on TikTok, many customers come to buy so that some are willing to stand in long queues, especially on weekends, to taste this cake.

“In addition, I also get orders for events such as weddings, open houses
and so on,” he said, who used to get orders of 300 to 400 seeds a day.

source – wilayahku

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