‘Past experience in marriage, develope maturenesss’

‘Past experience in marriage, develope maturenesss’

SHAH ALAM: ‘In a situation we don’t see our mistakes, our eyes only look ahead,’ said celebrity Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim.

She said that her past experiences, including family failures, matured her to be better.

“At one time we only see other people’s mistakes. It is difficult for us to correct ourselves, except when that time has passed.

“When a little time has passed, we look back and realize our own mistakes.

“I was too young at the time, just focused on my career… I wanted to prove that I could do everything, I was accepted by society.

“I am able to make people happy but in my heart I may have known at that time that my husband was not ‘ngam’ with me,” she said.

She said this in the MUM Program ‘Maruah Seorang Wanita’ hosted by Hazlin Hussain which was broadcast on all Sinar Harian platforms on Monday.

The mixed Irish woman admitted that the failure of her first marriage was also caused by the attitude of each of them who like to hide their feelings.

“But we save and try. But a woman’s instinct is very strong but we usually keep it quiet… you just swallow it, right?

“When you swallow it for a long time, you realize that there is no compatibility. I like working from home.

“But each of them doesn’t want to confess. Over time, my situation has become that I have to think about my dignity, he also has his dignity, how long are we going to lie?” said Sarimah.

Sarimah said, apparently she just realized that they were only compatible to be friends.

“Is it a failure or is it a lesson because the experience is bitter and sweet.

“Dignity lies in ourselves. We ourselves will put our dignity to what level.

Touching on the experience of dealing with depression after giving birth to her first child, Tunku Sofia Najihah, 4, Sarimah said that was one of the challenges she had to overcome and was thankful that she had recovered after undergoing specialist treatment for six months.

“My husband, (Tunku Nadzimuddin Tunku Mudzaffar) also experienced stress and from there I understood mental health problems from another perspective, it was a painful time,” she said.

Sarimah said that even before that she often saw a psychologist but did not think she could still be affected by depression.

“I see a psychologist to make sure my life is organized and I don’t want to get depressed myself but that’s the reality and the need for us to take care of our mental health,” she said.

She explained again, she often sees a psychologist to ensure that her life is organized and avoids being depressed, but on the other hand he is still affected by the disease.


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