‘Panorama Jingga Concert: 1444 Hijrah’, Kembara’s dedication to the glorious era of the 80s

‘Panorama Jingga Concert: 1444 Hijrah’, Kembara’s dedication to the glorious era of the 80s

KUALA LUMPUR : The night of July 31, 2022, corresponding to 2 Muharram 1444 Hijrah, will surely record a golden memory for Kembara fans.

The opening song, Panorama Jingga gives a direct meaning to the name of the production, which has been long awaited by Kembara fans. Named the ‘Orange Panorama Concert: 1444 Hijrah’, their appearance on stage immediately cured the longing for such a concert performance.

“We do concerts once a year or two. Today is history. 40 years ago Kembara existed. Today you can listen to Kembara, you are a witness (of this history),” explained Datuk M. Nasir.

The lively performance continued with the singing of Tarian Hidup , Duit , Rindu , Kepadamu Kekasih and Di Manakah Dikau .

“Thank you all for coming to our concert. This campaign was never declared to be established and never declared to be split,” said a figure who was called ‘sifu’ by industry observers.

The Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) was graced with the greatness of music and singing, Datuk M. Nasir, Zulkifli Mohamed (lead guitar, vocals), Rahman Suri (bass), Shahrum Basiron (drums) and Md Shah Othman (keyboards). At the age of 65, M. Nasir’s vocal prowess and energy cannot be denied.

“This concert is dedicated to the 80s era. What do we remember from the 80s?” asked M. Nasir to the audience and then introduced reggae music which was popular at that time to the audience through the song Rozita .

The performance continued with a singing turn from Zoul, performing Putar Alam and Bunga Bakawali . M. Nasir continued singing with the song Perwira dan Gadis Berpdah Hitam .

The concert is even more special when a segment is dedicated to A. Ali, one of the earliest members of Kembara.

“We have a friend A. Ali, he has created more than 500 songs and become hits,” said M. Nasir introducing his friend and singing songs created by the late Allah, namely Ada Sepasang Mata , Impian Seorang Nelayan and Kiambang .

Kumpulan Kembara has produced albums titled Kembara (1981), Perjuangan (1982), Generasi Ku (1983), Street Artist (1984), 1404 Hijrah (1984), Duit (1985) and Songs From the Movie Street Artist Kembara (1986).

“Kembara has seven albums but there are only a few hit songs,” explained M. Nasir. He also said, there are many songs that, when listened to again, have the quality to become hits.

The audience was overcome with emotion when the song Mencurah Janji Ke Daun Keladi was played, one of the songs that should have grabbed the attention of the listeners, but not at that moment.

M. Nasir continues to use the memory of the audience who grew up with the songs Keroncong Untuk Ana and Keroncong Untuk Ana 2 .

The night is getting darker with the appearance of Pyanhabib. The audience is getting excited.

Visuals from the film Kembara Seniman Jalanan became the background when Osman Tikus (Pyanhabib) recited a poem titled Ballad of Osman Tikus dan Belalang Kupu-Kupu (1993).

In the second poem, if referred to the book titled Ballad of Pyanhabib, there is a slight change in some stanzas that tell the situation when the country is cheered by the audience.

A series of songs from the controversial film Kembara Seniman Jalanan directed by Nasir Jani, script written by M. Nasir namely Ballad Osman Tikus , Siapa Orang Kita , Rupa Tanpa Wajah and Harapan Terakhir brightened up the historic night.

After delivering the band’s identity song Kembara Sesat Di Kuala Lumpur, M. Nasir said good night as if ending the night’s concert. All the musicians exited the main stage.

However, the audience did not move from their seats and cheered for the show to continue. Then M. Nasir appeared again and presented the song Ekspres Rakyat.

“I don’t want to lie to you all, but it’s an old tactic,” joked M. Nasir followed by laughter from the audience.

That’s M. Nasir who likes to joke in his own way. He not only teases the soul of listeners with works to make people feel and think.

Among other things, he joked with the audience by offering to sing Tiara ‘s version of P. Ramlee or in Mandarin, thus making the musicians confused because it was not in the plan. The teasing was ‘relevant’ considering that the song he created for Kris’ group went viral on social media.

The hall became a frenzy when M. Nasir sang the song Ekpress Rakyat and asked the audience to sing as many as four bars of music.

Surely a sacred night for Kembara fans is not complete with the performance of Hati Emas , Perjuangan and Eclipse .

While presenting the song Gerhana as the closing act, M. Nasir jumped down from the stage, making the audience cheer, rush in and some took the opportunity to take selfies.

Also sung on that historic night were the songs Kolar Biru , Kupu-Kupu and Impian Anak Jalanan .

Kembara Music will continue to flourish and it is not impossible to become a reference for the next generation.

Each song has its own philosophy and the music is very fresh beyond the times even though there are songs that are over 40 years old.

Orange Panorama Adventure Concert: 1444 Hijrah organized by Shiraz Projects Sdn Bhd. also accompanied by two additional musicians namely Kuzai (guitar) and Adam (keyboard). Eja and Awe act as background singers.

Thank you Kembara for the best experience for the audience.

source – Abdul Malek Jamaluddin


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