P. Ramlee’s film brings lessons across the ages

P. Ramlee’s film brings lessons across the ages

KUCHING: The Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas) Sarawak today organized a film screening and appreciation program in conjunction with National Artist Day.

The film of the great artist of the country, the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Anakku Sazali, was the selected film of the program held at the Finas Sarawak Auditorium in Jalan Sultan Tengah here.

Finas Borneo director Mohammad Rizal Mohamed Yunus said the event was held to expose the public to the film directed by P. Ramlee in addition to discussing and deepening good values ​​that can be a lesson to the audience.

He explained that even though P. Ramlee’s works have been published for a long time, they are still relevant and remembered until today.

In fact, he added that the film Allahyarham is still a reference for filmmakers, especially from technical aspects such as the storyline and the script.

“This shows that we still see P. Ramlee’s film as a reference and even able to provide inspiration for the next generation,” he said while being part of the appreciation program panel that discussed P. Ramlee’s work at the event.

Meanwhile, the President of Sarawak P. Ramlee Fan Club, Datuk Dr Adi Badiozaman Tuah said the film Anakku Sazali released in 1956 showed that good education such as maintaining manners and morals is important in molding an individual’s attitude.

“From this film we can learn that nurturing children is the responsibility of parents and families, educating the nation is the responsibility of the community and forming a competent young generation is a shared responsibility,” he said who was also a panelist at the event.


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