Out of respect for her husband, Ellie Suriaty finally received the vaccine

Out of respect for her husband, Ellie Suriaty finally received the vaccine

OBEYING her husband’s orders, actress Ellie Suriaty informed that she finally complied and reportedly had completed receiving the COVID-19 vaccine injection since November, last year.

Ellie, who is the wife of actor Azri Iskandar, said she obeyed her beloved husband’s request and had started working recently.

“I took the vaccine because of Azri Iskandar. He has given me almost two years to express what should be expressed (about the COVID-19 vaccine).

“Azri told me he has given me two years and it’s time for me to ‘to call it quits’.

“Azri is my husband and he has given me a period (to consider the vaccine). That means he respects my stand.

“It’s time for me to follow my husband’s advice. Honestly, I had a fight for a while saying ‘I don’t want a vaccine’ but he is my husband and I respect him very much.

“Whatever happens to me and the children, he is responsible,” he said after the press conference for the launch of the Telaga Suriram film at The Majapahit Restaurant, Mont Kiara, Damansara on Tuesday.

Ellie received the first dose of Sinovac vaccine in October and was followed by the second dose in November before accepting a job offer in Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Ellie, 52, denied that she was an anti -vaccine group as described by some parties.

“If I was anti-vaccine, I would not have injected any vaccine from the beginning. It’s just that what I question about the COVID-19 vaccine is about its effectiveness because it is made in a hurry,” he added.

Previously, Ellie was among the local celebrities who loudly rejected the vaccination including for their two children aged 17 and 12 due to safety and health factors.

Even so, in the volume of rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine injection, Ellie’s husband Azri finally lost when he secretly finished receiving two doses of the vaccine injection for the sake of job demands around September.

The celebrity couple also sparked controversy when they lodged a police report on Aug 30 to reject the government -mandated vaccination for school children.


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