Organizing the last concert, Noraniza Idris wanted to invite Siti Nurhaliza as a VIP guest

Organizing the last concert, Noraniza Idris wanted to invite Siti Nurhaliza as a VIP guest

SINGER who got the nickname Ratu Irama Malaysia, Noraniza Idris expressed her desire to invite famous singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza as a guest at the Malai Solo concert which will take place at Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya, this October.

According to Noraniza who is more affectionately known as Kak Ani, this is the last concert organized by herself.

“I have a wish that when my concert time later, I want to invite her to come as a VIP guest. Because this is the last concert I recommend for myself.

“If possible, the wish is for her to come as a VIP guest,” said Kak Ani when interviewed.

Kak Ani was spotted at the rewang open house and Che Ani (Noraniza Idris) showcase which took place at Maju Link on Saturday.

Kak Ani added that the concert, which cost almost RM2.5 million, will take place for three days involving an art festival which will also be held at the same location, Istana Budaya.

Meanwhile, Kak Ani expressed tears when she saw Siti crying during the recent umrah, which made her leave words of encouragement for Siti.

Kak Ani explained that not only did it involve the incident of Siti crying in Mecca, but she always prayed for the success of the singer of the song Purnama Merindu until today.

“I actually want to comment on her TikTok column but I can’t because it’s full of fan comments. But I’m looking for a way how I want to comment.

“Watch the video of Siti crying, very sad, sad because I have been through the same situation, felt the experience of being there.

“There she became herself. So I understood and cried, that’s what I wanted to convey to her, I prayed for her until now. She can achieve what she wants, Alhamdulillah she has succeeded, “said Kak Ani again.

source – Gempak

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