Organizing a concert by Western artists: ‘Don’t invite the wrath of God’ – Ahmad Marzuk

Organizing a concert by Western artists: ‘Don’t invite the wrath of God’ – Ahmad Marzuk

BACHOK: “Don’t do things that can invite God’s wrath, not to mention the new country moving freely after the COVID-19 hit the world”.

Such is the reminder of the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religion) Datuk Ahmad Marzuk Shaary, regarding the frequency of organizing concerts by Western artists in this country.

“The protest should have been voiced. Because the concert was not organized by the government.

“It probably came from a certain party… who applied for permits and licenses. And that should not be necessary in our situation when we are just trying to recover from this COVID-19.

“And alhamdulillah we are now free to open again in terms of the economic sector and also the free movement. Let’s not do things that can invite the wrath of God Almighty again because we know that every disease that comes is probably a warning from God to awaken us,” he said.

Ahmad Marzuk said, the organization of concerts that are sometimes out of the norm such as the presence of Western artists who support lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) is also not liked by the government.

He said, the organizers need to respect the sensitivity of Muslims in this country.

Ahmad Marzuk said, he supports any protest raised against the organization of concerts by Western artists.

The latest Pas Youth Council warned to mobilize protests across the country if the government stays with the decision to allow the concert to be held.

Pas Youth informed that organizing the concert was not appropriate at the time, besides that it did not bring any value compatible with the Islamic religion.

Ahmad Marzuk added that even though PAS is in the government, if something goes against religion, objections must be submitted.

source – Muhafandi Muhamad

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