Orange Amplification Launch New Improved O Bass

Orange Amplification Launch New Improved O Bass

Orange Amplification launch the new, updated O Bass, retaining all the best features from the 2015 model, enhanced with improved characteristics.

Launched in 2015 to critical acclaim, the orange O Bass is easily one of the most colourful bass guitars on the market. It remains easy to play and very versatile with its classic single cutaway body shape, tone options and an unorthodox split-coil pickup position which produces the bass’ warm deep growl and fatter higher register.

The 2022 makeover means the O Bass now plays even better than before. The lightweight African okoumé wood body has a resonance that transfers well through the custom-wound split-coil humbucker pickup and gives articulate high end and tight low end notes. The purpleheart fretboard gives the instrument flawless balance whether played seated or standing. The re-tooled fretwork and neck moulding improves playability; funky octave swoops have never felt more natural. The classic black headstock and binding all around the instrument adds to the O Bass a premium feel.

Designed in the UK by Orange, the O bass is suitable for all types of music including Soul, R & B, Reggae and Rock. It is supplied in a padded gig bag with the iconic Orange logo and comes as standard with an alternative 3-ply scratchplate.

The Orange finish comes with brilliant white scratchplate and alternative black scratchplate.

The Black finish comes with creamy ivory scratchplate and alternative tortoiseshell scratchplate.

The O Bass is available in the UK for RRP £399 and in USA street price $549. To find out more please go to

source – Music Instrument News

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