‘Orang Tawau’, Shahir AF marriage ceremony this Friday

‘Orang Tawau’, Shahir AF marriage ceremony this Friday

SINGER Shahir AF confirmed that he will marry the person of his heart on 2 September 2022, this Friday, in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Still keeping his fiance’s identity a secret, Shahir AF or his full name is Ahmad Shahir Zawawi, 33, said he will reveal the identity of his future wife at their wedding later.

“Going into this new phase, of course the responsibility is greater because it is a phase of change in life… of course I am trembling.

“About who my future wife will be, let me wait for the wedding ceremony later. She is an ordinary person who is in a different field from me and is only 30 years old.

“Se is from Tawau, Sabah and we also got engaged there. But she lives here,” he said .

Shahir shared about the final preparations before becoming a husband this Friday .

Sharing about the moment of their introduction, Shahir said it only took them a short time before deciding to start a family.

“We started getting to know each other in May recently which is after Aidilfitri. I didn’t think our introduction was made easier because each of us was looking for a life partner.

“We didn’t take long maybe because of the age factor. At the beginning of our introduction, she invited me to take a marriage course to see how serious I am about our relationship,” he said.

When asked if they were in a hurry because they had only known each other for four months before being accepted, Shahir had his own reasons.

“For me, the age of introduction does not determine how well we know our partner. There are those who have been in love for many years, but when they get married, there are still things they have just learned and need to understand.

“Like us, it’s true that the age of acquaintance was short but when we decided to get married… Alhamdulilah so the matter went smoothly and maybe this is the match that God has determined,” he shared again.

Shahir and his wife-to-be got engaged on July 16 at his fiance’s residence in Tawau, Sabah.

Shahir is about to launch his latest single which is a song he composed entirely for his future wife which will be sung on their wedding day on September 3, this Saturday.

source – Gempak


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