On-Stage add the new Rechargeable Pedal Power Bank

On-Stage add the new Rechargeable Pedal Power Bank

Fire up a pedalboard anywhere in the world with the new On-Stage PS1000 Rechargeable Pedal Power Bank without the need for international power converters.

As a stand-alone, portable power supply, the PS1000 eliminates the many pitfalls associated with traditional pedalboard power, the uncertainty of batteries for example, or the annoying AC buzz and hum often caused by grounding issues.

Delivering up to 6 hours running time from a single USB charge (lead supplied), the PS1000, with two 9V DC outlets is another ‘must have’ problem solving product from On-Stage.

With a small footprint, portable, compact lightweight design (0.5 lbs/227grams), the PS1000 effortlessly runs four 9V DC volt pedals daisy-chained together (leads supplied), avoiding the need for individual adaptors.

There’s also a very handy battery level status LED, which takes the guesswork out of determining how much power remains, whilst a multipurpose built-in flash light can assist in setting up and tearing down equipment.

Whilst the PS1000 power bank eliminates the inconvenience of running an extension cable, or finding an outlet near the front of a stage, it also provides the freedom to use mains-free pedals outdoors, exceptionally useful, for street performers with battery powered equipment.

With so many benefits for musicians in the studio or playing live the On-Stage PS1000 Rechargeable Pedal Power Bank, should be high on the list of essential accessories for all musicians.

Full Recharging Time: 5 Hours
Outputs: (2) 9V Outputs (center negative), (1) 5V USB
9V Output Current: 1.2A
5V Output Current: 2A
LED Flashlight: 1
Power Capacity: 10,000 MAH/3.7V Li-battery
Consumption Under Ready Mode: 120uA
Power Consumption in Standby Mode: 120uA
Dimensions: 5.8″ x 2.6″ x 0.7″
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Includes: Power bank, micro USB cable, (2) dual pedal power cables

Price: £89.99 rrp.
On-Stage products are distributed in the UK, ROI, Benelux and France by JHS.

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