‘Old musical instruments’ allegedly caused 25 school students to attack hysteria

‘Old musical instruments’ allegedly caused 25 school students to attack hysteria

KEPALA BATAS: A total of 25 female students at a secondary school here were hysterically attacked in an incident on Wednesday.

The incident reportedly happened at around 11.40am when a student suddenly ranted and shouted after claiming to have seen a black board on the ceiling of his classroom.

The chaos spread to the adjacent class when several other students also screamed and raved, causing the teaching and learning session to be stopped.

According to one of the heirs of the student who wants to be known as Siti Sarah, she found out about the hysterical incident after her son informed her about the incident.

He said parents were asked to come to school early to bring their children home following the incident.

“A child told that there was a hysterical incident at school yesterday, many were affected by the hysteria, the school told parents to come and take their children home early yesterday at 12.30 in the afternoon.

“I was also surprised when I was informed of the incident… many parents came to pick up their children, I don’t know what caused the hysteria, but today things are back to normal,” said Siti Sarah.

A school employee who declined to be identified said that it is understood that the hysteria may have occurred after the school brought out some old musical equipment stored in one of the rooms at the school.

“There was a hysterical incident, but the situation has returned to normal, and the school session this morning started with the recitation of Yasin and the call to prayer before the students continued learning as usual,” he said.

Meanwhile, survey of the school today found that the atmosphere has returned to calm and the school session is running as usual.

At the same time, Astro AWANI is still waiting for the latest information from the State Education Department.

source – Dewi Nur Harasha Alias


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