Old Blood Noise Endeavours Launches Alpha Haunt Fuzz

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Launches Alpha Haunt Fuzz

Two years after the pedal’s initial release, OBNE’s highly-regarded Alpha Haunt Fuzz is getting a makeover for 2021! Now in a more pedalboard-friendly package, the Alpha Haunt continues to offer users its uniquely versatile control set and explores the vast variety of sounds you can coax from its fuzz circuit. From open overdrives to squashed sputters, it’s all here and then some!

Main Features:

Highly tweakable fuzz pedal – endless worlds of fuzz at your disposal
Updated circuitry and features with a more compact footprint
Switchable fuzz range, bias and tone control voices for further options
3-band active master EQ sliders – perfect your place in the mix with full control over lows, mids and highs
Clean blend via Enhance control – retains string clarity and low-end response
Switchable Low-Pass Filter
Made in the USA
Powered by 9V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1mm, ~36mA current draw)
With variable control over fuzz gain, compression and the overall tone to set your base fuzz sound, Alpha Haunt also comes with switchable fuzz distortion range, bias, low pass filter. These react interactively with the Tone control and a parallel Enhance circuit. Used on its own the Enhance circuit acts as a clean boost, but dialed in alongside the Fuzz Volume, it brings in body and clarity. An active three-band master EQ lets you shape the output signal tonally.

Freely craft your fuzz sounds using the Fuzz (Gain), Fuzz Volume and the massive three-band master EQ slider controls, then adjust the output to your needs with the independent Master volume control.

GBP ERP £215 Available Mid March


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