Oddie Agam dies, Sheila Majid mourns

Oddie Agam dies, Sheila Majid mourns

KUALA LUMPUR: As soon as the news of Oddie Agam’s departure to rahmahtullah was obtained, there was nothing that the country’s famous performer, Datuk Sheila Majid could say other than accepting the sad news with full satisfaction.

The sadness cannot be expressed when remembering the late Oddie as one of the individuals who played a role behind his success in the entertainment industry, including when capturing the Indonesian music market.

Oddie is the creator of the song Antara Anyer dan Jakarta which is popularized by Sheila.

To Sheila, Oddie has colored part of her art journey.

“ I feel very sad, like a part of my musical career is also gone! (I am very sad, it seems like part of my music career is also over), ”said Sheila in a message to Astro AWANI .

The singer who is very famous for the song Sinaran commented on the passing of his friend, the late Oddie who breathed his last in Jakarta at 11 this morning.

In Sheila’s eyes too, Oddie is not just the creator of the song Between Anyer and Jakarta, which he once made famous.

On the other hand, the late Oddie was an old acquaintance of his family.

Sheila’s relationship with Oddie was established before the senior Malaysian singer became a singer again.

Thus, Sheila admits, she and all her family members are very saddened by the passing of their friend.

“I have known the deceased for a long time. Before becoming a singer again. He is not only one of the songwriters who have brought my name to Indonesia with songs such as Antara Anyer dan Jakarta , Aku Cinta Padamu , Tua Sebelum Waktu , Begitulah Cinta and several other songs, but before recognizing him as a composer, he was a family friend we.

“May Allah SWT shower mercy on his soul, forgive all his sins and place him with the believers. Al-Fatihah, ”said Sheila again.

The late Oddie breathed his last at the Friendship Hospital in the Indonesian capital at the age of 68 due to kidney failure.

In 2017, Oddie or his real name, Imran Madjid, was attacked by the Ahmar wind.

According to a CNN Indoesia report , the news of Oddie’s departure was confirmed by his friend, Stanley Tulung on his social media account.

“Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun. Goodbye Bang Oddie Agam, who passed away on October 27, 2021 at 11.00. May you rest in peace,” Stanley wrote.

The late Oddie, who first became involved professionally in the Indonesian music industry in 1984, made a name for himself as one of the most respected music artists.

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