‘Now just feel, torture too’ – Wawa Zainal infected with COVID -19

‘Now just feel, torture too’ – Wawa Zainal infected with COVID -19

ACTOR Wawa Zainal calmed down when he tested positive for COVID-19 over the past three days.

Not sure what the cause is, Wawa said he tested positive for COVID-19 after undergoing filming for his new product.

“Actually, three days ago I had a photo shoot and came home with a fever. Take a negative self -test and I remember I was just tired because I didn’t get enough sleep.

“When I still had a fever, I did another COVID-19 test again yesterday and it showed positive.

“I’m not sure where I got it from because as far as I know there is no close contact,” he told Astro Gempak .

Wawa informed the matter after being contacted through the WhatsApp application regarding the post on his Insta Story.

Commenting further on the symptoms he experienced, Wawa said he had a high fever and a rather severe headache.

“Often I am just a close contact and have never been infected until some people say I am COVID-19 resistant.

“But this time, if God says he wants the disease, it’s okay, right? Now I just feel, this COVID-19 is also painful.

“Apart from the fever, I can’t stand it because I have a very strong headache. I’m kind of rarely sick.

“When I’m sick, I don’t like it if I can get well quickly,” he said.

Even so, Wawa is grateful because her husband, Aeril Zafrel and also the children are safe and COVID-19 negative.

“I am thankful that so far everyone still receives negative results when doing self -tests.

“I am the only one quarantined in this room of the house. Aeril will take care of the children, “he said.

Wawa also had to cancel many employment deals involving his business after being confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Previously Aeril had twice been infected with COVID-19 and performed self-quarantine at home.

Just for info, Wawa and Aeril who got married in 2012 have been blessed with four bright eyes.


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