Not just ‘fairy brides’… Everyone can wear RR Bridal RTW

Not just ‘fairy brides’… Everyone can wear RR Bridal RTW

AS one of the famous national fashion house brands, Rizman Ruzaini is quite synonymous with exclusive designs of wedding dresses.

For ten years carving a name in this industry, it is not surprising that their designs are often chosen by celebrities and the elite to wear on their happy days.

In accordance with the quality of detail and the unique flow of ideas in each design produced, we can definitely expect the price for each piece produced by this designer duo to reach thousands of ringgit.

This is like a benchmark that only the ‘fairy bride’ can wear Rizman Ruzaini sheets at their wedding ceremony.

Therefore, in order to realize the dreams of more potential queens for a day and to see the development of the increasingly competitive business, Rizman Ruzaini came up with a new business segment to ensure that this brand can be owned by all groups through the ‘ready to wear’ (RTW) network.

The ‘ready to wear’ segment started with casual clothes and is now expanding through wedding dress designs. Through RR Bridal RTW 2022/23, a total of 14 designs were introduced which included classic and modern contemporary designs.

Sharing the privilege of the collection this time, according to Rizman Ruzaini’s CEO, Rizman Nordin, is a pride for him to be able to fulfill the dreams of women out there who have always dreamed of choosing this brand on their important day.

“Since our establishment 17 years ago, wedding dresses have indeed become one of the designs synonymous with our brand. In fact, most of our early customers are brides-to-be.

“Although not produced in large quantities, the wedding dresses designed by Rizman Ruzaini are often the choice of brides, especially celebrities.

“Undoubtedly, when seeing celebrities and famous people choose our brand on their wedding day, some people want to wear Rizman Ruzaini. They are inspired.

“However, the question of price is often an obstacle and most of them will continue to say ‘we can’t afford it’. So, that’s why RR Bridal RTW 2022/23 appeared as a sign of our love for them to look the most charming at an affordable price on the happy day,” he said.

Although sold at an affordable price, the quality of this collection is maintained at a premium level. Among the materials used in this design are songket, heavy ghughori, chiffon, taffeta, pleated net and lace. The colors chosen are only from white, silver and purple shades to keep the characteristics of the bride always fresh, pure and sweet.

“Unlike Rizman Ruzaini, this RR segment or brand we have earmarked for larger production. The price of RR Bridal RTW 2022/23 sheets starts from RM699 to RM1499. Despite RTW status, for this collection, clothes will only be made available after order confirmation.

“But don’t worry, the order will only take two weeks to complete and reach the customer. Reservations can be made through our website,,” he added.

This collection also features Raysha Rizrose as their ‘muse’. It turns out that this selection is not surprising, considering that this brand has collaborated with several other local celebrities such as Amyra Rosli, Zahirah Macwilson, Nelydia Senrose and many others.

At the preview event of the RR Bridal RTW 2022/23 collection which was also attended by the country’s popular female celebrities, Rizman said, “I am very moved by the support of celebrity friends who have been the heart of our business all this time. So this time, just like last year, I would like to introduce Raysha Rizrose as the ‘muse’ of RR Bridal RTW 2022/23.”

“Interestingly, all the female celebrities present at today’s ceremony are still ‘single’. Who knows through today’s preview they get an idea for their wedding dress design later? In addition, among the special guests present today are also our customers who were lucky to be among the first to witness this collection,” he said.

Meanwhile, good news for brides-to-be out there, the RR Bridal RTW 2022/23 collection also offers a 25 percent discount for every early order. Reservations can be made online or at the event today.

source – wilayahku

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