Nikki Palikat was admitted to the hospital

Nikki Palikat was admitted to the hospital

BINTANG GegarVaganza (GV) 8, Nikki Palikat was admitted to Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday morning.

Nikki when contacted by Gempak said, she had to be detained in the ward on the advice of a doctor because her body was too weak.

“Actually, since yesterday, I have been feeling unwell and today I went to the hospital for a check -up.

“After that, the doctor advised me to stay in the ward until my body fully recovers and is healthy.

“The reason is, my body is too weak due to lack of rest. For now, doctors only add water and antibiotics, ”he said.

Asked about the GV training session tomorrow, Nikki said she had already informed the producer and production team of her situation.

“I have informed the publishers and they have given me flexibility to undergo training sessions.

“I hope I will not be long in the hospital and can continue the fight on the GV8 stage this Sunday.

“Thank you to the production and publisher of GV8 for understanding my situation,” he said.


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