New ways to help artists generate income without middlemen

New ways to help artists generate income without middlemen

KUALA LUMPUR: Over time, various platforms have been created for the benefit of various sections of society. Art activists or artists are no exception when there is now a platform that can help them generate income.

Most recently, an artist-centric platform , FENIX360, offers a differentiated experience specifically for artists, by providing a 360-degree ecosystem experience and a new payment model.

Fenix360 Malaysia advisor, Sandy Monteiro said, if in the old way, the industry uses a lot of middlemen to cause the existence of unnecessary excessive costs.

However, in the platform, everything is different, thus providing an opportunity for artists or creators in the non-superstar category to get results, just like popular artists.

“We’re not saying we’re better than this social media, or that video platform, no. Our main objective is to create one-on-one engagement with their fans, that’s the main objective.

“In an effort to do that, we give artists all the elements to create compelling content to interact with their fans. If you want to take the video and upload it to YouTube, upload it on YouTube.

“If you want to put it in TikTok, just put it in TikTok, but we don’t say you have to put it there. The ‘must’ for you is to take care of your fans.

“You‘ must ’create relationships, create compelling content, interact with your fans and take care of your fans. That’s FENIX360. The others, you can add, ”he said.

He said this when met after attending a press conference on the platform here recently.

Through the platform, art activists from all branches of art such as musicians, actors, models, comedians, dancers and painters can expect 80 percent advertising revenue on the platform.

In addition, they can also generate revenue from NFT, merchandise , tickets as well as livestream revenue in the new ecosystem generated by blockchain technology .

FENIX360 is now available on the website, Apple iOS and Google Play for Android smartphones.

source – Astro Awani

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