New Premium Rosin from W.E.Hill & Sons

New Premium Rosin from W.E.Hill & Sons

W.E.Hill & Sons and Barnes & Mullins are proud to announce the launch of a new range of Hill’s Premium Rosin.

Handmade in the United Kingdom, Hill’s Premium Rosin is available for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass, each with a unique formulation to ensure the finest performance. Each rosin is encased in a solid Maplewood holder etched with the historic W.E.Hill & Sons logo, and presented in a colour-matched drawstring bag.

W E Hill & Sons have always sought to create the finest accessories for stringed instruments, so this new set of premium rosins are ideal for those players who demand the very optimum levels of control when performing. Hill’s Premium Rosin is a marked upgrade in both the initial level of frictional grip and that of a controlled release.

During development, Hill’s focus was very much on increasing the player’s level of instrumental control. With particular care taken in regard to achieving optimal dynamic range, the Hill Premium Rosin range will surely find its place upon the hair of the finest of bows, playing the finest of instruments.

Hill Premium Rosin is the latest offering from this Historic British company, who during April this year also released their acclaimed Conservation Wax.

With MSRP retail prices of £36.95 (Violin / Viola) and £37.95 (Cello / Double Bass), Hill’s Premium Rosin is available to order now in the UK & Ireland exclusively from Barnes & Mullins. / [email protected] / 01691 652449

source – Music Instrument News

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