New Gold Now Available in EFNOTE Kit Library

New Gold Now Available in EFNOTE Kit Library

Artesia Pro Uses Gorillaz New Single “New Gold” (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde) To Showcase and Compare EFNOTE 3/3X’s Internal Sounds and Superior Drummer 3 (The Widely-Considered GOAT of drum softwares), and the EFNOTE 3X MADE IT BETTER!

The VIDEO begins by showcasing both the EFNOTE 3X internal sounds, and Superior Drummer 3 simultaneously, with a combined 24 channels of audio sending from the kit. (The original drum audio was extracted using Moises) then SD3 is pulled away to reveal the all-new “New Gold” preset kit, created by Michael Bedard, (NERD ALERT!!) which utilize the tom rim zones with 808-esque “eKick 2” tuned bass drops and an “EL Clap”, then layers in a PL Birch S14x5.5 w/ YM Loose S14x5.5 snares, as well as layering in a secondary “EL eKick 10” sample on top of the YM Power K22x16. This allows Michael to play a hybrid part, which if you listen closely, sounds like multiple rhythm tracks but is not.

The EFNOTE 3X itself is augmented by a 14” snare (EFD-S1455-BO), as well as an added 17” FX cymbal (EFD-C17FX). The module knows which pad is augmented and assigns it’s samples accordingly. This is both an A/B, A+B comparison, showing the strength of this seemingly simple module. It’s incredible how far e-Drumming has come.

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