New Cymbal Cleaner from Promuco Percussion

New Cymbal Cleaner from Promuco Percussion

British percussion brand Promuco are pleased to announce the release of their new Cymbal Cleaner.

The latest addition to their range of drumsticks, rods and drum accessories, Promuco Cymbal Cleaner has been specially formulated to safely clean and return the shine to cymbals.

Developed and made in the UK, this essential cleaning solution is a must-have accessory for discerning drummers who care about keeping their gear in tip-top condition. Non-hazardous and pleasantly fragranced, Promuco Cymbal Cleaner removes grease and residue and helps restore tarnished cymbals to their original shimmering glory.

Retailing for £9.95 per bottle, Promuco Cymbal Cleaner is available to order now through UK Distributors and Exporters Barnes & Mullins in master cases of 6 bottles, complete with a counter-top retail display box for presenting to customers instore.

As part of Promuco and Barnes & Mullins’ commitment to reducing their environmental impact in a practical and sustainable way, Promuco Cymbal Cleaner is bottled in 100% recycled post-consumer PET plastic bottles with labels printed on recycled paper stock. The display boxes are produced in a carbon balanced factory using carbon balanced material.

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