New Curlee Cool’s Universe™ App Offers Entertaining, Educational, Safe, Wholesome, and Creatively Fun Interactive

New Curlee Cool’s Universe™ App Offers Entertaining, Educational, Safe, Wholesome, and Creatively Fun Interactive

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — St. Louis-based Curlee Cool Entertainment, LLC is pleased to announce their launch of the Curlee Cool’s Universe™ app – an entertaining and educational, safe, wholesome, and creatively fun interactive line of books and games for children ages 4-9. Created by renowned artist, creative director and author Sharon Hayes, the never-ending storyline follows Curlee Cool, a jazzy yellow cat who uses his imagination to invent a way to get into outer space. Once there, he discovers all kinds of unique, fictional worlds full of wacky characters. Each book and game is built around a new mission for Curlee Cool and his adventures.

In Curlee Cool’s Universe, children and their parents/guardians can tap into their imagination while playing games, reading books, singing along with music, and learning by positive reinforcements and inspirational messaging designed to build confidence and make them feel good about themselves and the world around them.

“We designed the Curlee Cool’s Universe app to appeal to people of all races, nationalities and faiths with a message of unity and of love for our environment, health, social wellness, and wellbeing,” says Hayes. “We hope children and parents alike will learn that bonding through creativity and imagination is fun and rewarding.”

With Curlee Cool’s interactive stories, children can follow along with onscreen text and voiced narration. Words will highlight as they read, helping children to easily identify and learn new words. Easy tap control allows readers to jump between their favorite pages and bring sparkling characters or objects to life with animation and sound.

The company is actively seeking a book publisher.

Hayes joined forces with her business partner and legal advisor Bob Dwornick in September 2019 to form Curlee Cool Entertainment, LLC. Hayes writes the stories and designs the characters, then collaborates on the production of the app with Graphite Lab, a highly qualified digital and animation studio, whose team members have worked for clients such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Hasbro, Warner Brothers, Disney, Activision, and more.

People can download the Curlee Cool’s Universe app from the App Store and enjoy book one and game one for free. For more information visit

Contact: Sharon M Hayes / President & CEO / Author
314-504-7975 | [email protected]

SOURCE – Curlee Cool Entertainment, LLC

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