New BBE Sound Effects Pedals

New BBE Sound Effects Pedals

BBE Sound have announced two new pedals to kick off 2023. The Sonic Stomp Pro, offers players a revolutionary new vessel for one of its legendary audio innovations. In short, “clarity just got clearer.” The BBE Sonic Stomp Pro is now shipping.

The BBE Sonic Stomp Pro is the next generation of the ever-popular Sonic Maximizer in a compact pedal format. The product has been re-engineered to offer musicians up to 14db of extended dynamic range, a lower noise floor, along with a new “Focus” control providing the flexibility to adjust the midrange content of your signal.

The BBE Sonic Stomp Pro pedal offers the following features:

4th Generation Sonic Maximizer
Proprietary BBE Pro 2153 Engine
+14db of Dynamic Range
Focus (midrange) Control
True Hardware Bypass
The original Sonic Stomp pedal was introduced in 2004 and quickly became a “must-have” stomp box for many guitarists and bassists. With the Sonic Stomp Pro’s proprietary BBE Sonic Maximizer technology, guitarists hear their amps cut through the band mix better with dramatically improved note definition.

The Green Screamer v2, taking the essence and inspiration for one of its most-beloved pedals and creating a new modern classic. The Green Screamer v2 is now shipping.

Completely redesigned and built from the ground up, the BBE Green Screamer v2 is the next evolution of the classic “green” overdrive circuit. The Green Screamer v2’s modified circuit design yields greater transparency and versatility to provide overdrive aficionados with a solution to all their overdrive needs.

The BBE Green Screamer v2 offers the following player-friendly features:

Modified “Green” Overdrive Circuit
4558 Op-Amp
3-Position Deep Switch
Switchable Input Buffer
True Hardwire Bypass
The original Green Screamer Overdrive pedal, introduced in 2004, paid homage to the classic “Green” circuit. The Green Screamer v2 offers improved overall dynamics responsive to players’ subtle volume and picking techniques and adds rich harmonic overtones to an amp’s natural sound, all without coloring the sonic character of one’s instrument.

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source – Music Instrument News

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