Netizens rebuke Fadlan Hazim’s tattoo

Netizens rebuke Fadlan Hazim’s tattoo

ACTOR Fadlan Hazim is one of the local celebrities who spent time on holiday in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration this year by relaxing on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Through photo updates on his social media over the past few days, Fadlan had the opportunity to visit several iconic tourist hotspots, including Uluwatu and Kuta Beach.

In fact, through the latest post on his Instagram account, Fadlan shared some shirtless photos while relaxing by the beach which was filled with tourists.

However, what became the focus of netizens as well as his fans was the fake tattoo on his right calf that was affixed while he was there.

Fans are worried, if the tattoo is misunderstood by some parties and invites slander.

“Wearing a tattoo? Afraid of being slandered.

“I’m sorry, we as my brother’s fans are afraid of things like this, we’re looking at which picture to know if it’s a real tattoo, fake or henna.

“I really like collecting slander. It’s good to talk about the beginning of the temporary tattoo,” wrote some users.

Fadlan, however, did not remain silent, instead assuming that each of his fans was wise to judge.

“No need for a coat, you’re all smart enough,” wrote Fadlan.

However, some of his fans asked that netizens not be in a hurry to lay down the law and consider the matter (temporary tattoo) openly.

“It’s a normal thing. ‘Just for fun. It’s okay’. People go there for that kind of thing. We do what we like when we can go on holiday like this,” said his fans.

source – Gempak

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