National Day 2022: First Turkiye PM’s letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman shared

National Day 2022: First Turkiye PM’s letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman shared

KUALA LUMPUR: In conjunction with the celebration of National Day 2022 today, for the first time a Special Message from the first Prime Minister of Turkey, Ali Adnan Ertekin Menderes (Adnan Menderes) to the First Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj was shared.

The ‘gift’, which is now stored in the Turkish National Archives, was uploaded by the Turkish Ambassador to Malaysia, Emir Salim Yuksel on his Twitter page today, in conjunction with celebrating the country’s 65th independence anniversary.

Also shared is the letter replied by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman to Adnan Menderes who was the first democratically appointed Prime Minister of Turkey.

Based on a letter dated September 3, 1957, Adnan Menderes who led Turkiye from 1950 to 1960, among other things expressed his congratulations because Malaya experienced independence on August 31.

The Turkish statesman also prayed that the people of Malaya would continue to experience well-being and prosperity.

Meanwhile, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman said in his letter that the Federation of Malaya will strive to contribute towards world peace and prosperity.

Malaysia-Turkey diplomatic relations have been established since 1964, and is Malaysia’s third largest trading partner, as well as Malaysia’s fourth largest source of imports in the West Asian region with total bilateral trade exceeding US$4.09 billion (RM16.97 billion).

source – Hasimi Muhamad

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