Nasom received a donation of RM20,000 from the sale of bracelets

Nasom received a donation of RM20,000 from the sale of bracelets

PETALING JAYA: The producer of the film Air Force The Movie: As Long as It Lives, Multimedia Entertainment on Wednesday handed over a donation of RM20,000 to the National Society of Autism Malaysia (Nasom) to support efforts to raise community awareness about autism.

The donation is the result of the sale of wristbands made by autistic children under the association to the public at several special screening events and film exhibitions since 25 August.

It was presented to Multimedia Entertainment Group Managing Director Datuk Steven Lim to Nasom President Datuk Megat Ahmad Shahrani Megat Sharudin while Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin witnessed.

Steven said the donation was part of his company’s corporate responsibility initiative in an effort to contribute to the local community.

“This is an effort from us to help increase community acceptance, awareness and support for autism syndrome,” he told reporters during a special screening of the film Air Force The Movie: While Alive here last night.

Meanwhile, Khairy said last night’s event was a sign of love and appreciation for families with autistic children.

“I understand that the wristband produced was inspired by a movie scene through the character of Major Adnan played by Datuk Adi Putra who has an autistic child.

“I was also informed that tonight we will all wear wristbands from the children who are being celebrated. I also have an autistic child but could not attend because he was not in the mood. So, his brother and sister represented him,” he said.

The special screening was attended by 170 people including Khairy’s wife, Nori Tun Abdullah as well as children, parents and Nasom staff in addition to the cast of Aiman ​​Hakim Redza, Nas T, Sara Ali, Iman Corinne and Carmen Soo.

The film directed by Zulkarnain Azhar and Frank See tells the story of members of the Special Air Force (Paskau) led by Captain Adib and his mentor Major Adnan, who are on a humanitarian aid mission in Namburi, a country in turmoil.

The film managed to collect more than RM28 million within 21 days of release.

source – BERNAMA

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