Nasi Lemak Sushi , Malaysian Japanese food

Nasi Lemak Sushi , Malaysian Japanese food

SUBANG JAYA: At first glance this dish looks like ordinary sushi, but upon closer inspection, the uniqueness lies in its core which is similar to the traditional food of nasi lemak.

Trader Mohd Syauqi Mustapa, 42, said the idea of ​​combining the identity of Japanese and Malaysian food by putting fillings such as sambal, anchovies, beans and boiled eggs, was sparked by a customer’s request.

“In the beginning I sold sushi and also nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves at the stall.

“Perhaps because the two foods are placed next to each other, many people ask us to sell sushi according to Malaysia’s ‘throat’ (taste),” he said when met at the Nasi Lemak Carnival held at Mydin supermarket here today.

Mohd Syauqi, who first introduced the dish in March this year, said the dish has five variations of sambal and different types of sushi, including sambal stir-fried shrimp, anchovies and rendang with prices ranging from RM1.20 to RM2.50.

He said the food was well received by customers and was able to sell around 1,500 units a day at three stalls and a restaurant called Zara Sushi and Nasi Lemak, located around the capital including Dataran Pandan Prima and Setapak Jaya.

Meanwhile, event organizer Shahful Shaffiq Mohd Salleh said the one-day program from 9am to 5pm, gathered eight vendors who work on nasi lemak to promote and celebrate the food that is the identity and symbol of the unity of the multi-racial and national community in this country.

He said the aim of the program was to make food a medium to unite the diversity of races in Malaysia, especially in the spirit of the National Month and Malaysia Day celebration which was celebrated on Sept 16.

“Malaysians, regardless of race, are synonymous and love nasi lemak, so we gathered well-known traders based around the Klang Valley who offer the same food (nasi lemak) but taste different and have their own uniqueness,” he said, who intends to organize similar events on a larger scale. big in the future.

Shahful Shaffiq said apart from the local community, the event is also expected to attract the attention of tourists from abroad, to try for themselves the uniqueness of the food that is the pride of the country.

In addition to food sales, the event was also enlivened by a cooking demo by Chef Dr Ezani Farhana Md Monoto as well as a performance by rising young singer Aisha Retno.

source – BERNAMA

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