Nabila Razali now owns a limited edition Vespa 946 Dior, priced at hundreds of thousands!

Nabila Razali now owns a limited edition Vespa 946 Dior, priced at hundreds of thousands!

“This year’s birthday GIFT”, said the singer of the Heartbreaker song, sharing several images with the Vespa limited edition Vespa 946 Dior on his Instagram page.

Nabila Razali shared on her YouTube account, the limited edition Vespa is not the first Vespa model she owns as she previously owned a Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon Edition.

However, Nabila did not share the price of her new scooter. However, some sources say the price of a limited edition Vespa 946 Dior scooter can reach the price of RM194,600.

Nabila added that she had to wait almost a year to have the “baby Dior” and was very excited to do the unboxing session of the luxury brand scooter.

For the record, the Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar was the first individual to own a limited edition scooter in Malaysia last year.

Christian Dior’s Vespa 946 features a single saddle with the Dior Oblique motif. The white body color is matched with gold finishes on the tires, front fairing frame, rims, side mirrors, tailgate and rear rack.

As a result of the search on, the price of the Christian Dior Vespa 946 is RM400,000.

It is well known that the Sultan of Johor is an automotive enthusiast and has a wide variety of motorbike and car collections.

In addition to the new model, Sultan Ibrahim also has a variety of Vespa models from classic to the latest models.

The Vespa brand often collaborates with various fashion brands, such as Emporio Armani.

The latest limited edition scooter is carrying out a collaboration with Christian Dior.

In the unboxing session , Nabila also shared the special features of the scooter which also comes with a back box with the Dior logo as well as accessories such as a helmet and a Dior bag.

The special thing is that the scooter also puts the owner’s name on the side.

Just for info, the Vespa 946 Christian Dior uses an air-cooled 155cc, single-cylinder engine with an output of 12.9hp @ 7,750rpm and 12.8Nm @ 6,500rpm torque with a maximum acceleration of up to 96km/h.

Can’t wait to see Nabila Razali riding around on Christian Dior’s Vespa 946 which features an elegant fashion statement for a woman.

The author imagines the Emily In Paris series when talking about this Vespa!

source – Nona

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