N. Zealand considers making Meta, Google pay for news content

N. Zealand considers making Meta, Google pay for news content

Law to act as backstop in case companies do not strike deals with media outlets

ISTANBUL – Google and Meta may soon be paying money to New Zealand for news content as the country is mulling a new law in this regard, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

New Zealand Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson has confirmed that the proposed law “will act as a backstop in case the internet giants do not voluntarily strike deals with the media outlets.”

“We’ve probably lost 50% of journalists in the last 10 years. We’ve got to give hope to the small players out there. I’m proud to bring forward this legislation to support them,” Jackson told the media yesterday.

“It’s not fair that the big digital platforms like Google and Meta get to host and share local news for free. It costs to produce the news and it’s only fair they pay,” he said, according to the Stuff news website.

Several Kiwi publishers have already started negotiations with the giant tech houses. If the law is passed and comes into force, the minister said the new deal could “provide an extra US$30 million (RM131 million) to US$50 million for local journalism.”

Australia and Canada have already passed legislation on the issue although Google and Facebook had initially resisted the move, but have since agreed to deals with media groups.

Last year in March, then Kiwi Broadcasting Minister Kris Faafoi met Facebook and Google officials and said he is confident of progress. Meta is now the parent company of Facebook.

“I am confident the commercial discussions taking place between traditional media and digital platforms will also begin here in New Zealand and I encourage that,” he had told Parliament.

source – Bernama


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