N. Korea completes ‘modern’ ice cream factory on Kim Jong-un’s order

N. Korea completes ‘modern’ ice cream factory on Kim Jong-un’s order

Production facility located in mountainous Taesongsan attraction zone

SEOUL – North Korea has completed building an ice cream factory in Pyongyang as instructed by leader Kim Jong-un, its state media said today.

A ceremony was held the previous day to celebrate the construction of a “modern” ice cream production base in the centre of Taesongsan.

Jon Hyon Chol, the North’s vice-premier and head of the economic policy office of the ruling Workers’ Party, delivered a speech at the ceremony, stressing that the “project for improving the welfare of the people cannot be delayed regardless of how severe the hardships are.”

He added that the construction was completed within a short period of time thanks to “special measures” taken by leader Kim to speed up the project.

Taesongsan is a mountain at the edge of Pyongyang with major attraction sites, including amusement parks, swimming pools, and a zoo.

North Korea has recently been dialing up efforts to improve its people’s livelihoods amid chronic food shortages and prolonged global sanctions.

source – Bernama


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